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japan_farce's Journal

Japan News (translated) in all its glory.
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We bring you real news from the real Japan. Hearsay is heresy!
We are a community dedicated to bringing and providing news...real news...from sources in Japan that avoid the English speaking community's public eye. The sources are usually either written in Japanese or from a popular Japanese newspaper.

Only a few rules, and here they are:
1. Please post your source for the sake of clarity and integrity.

2. Discussion is encouraged. Constructive criticism is also encouraged.

3. Please tag appropriately. Tags will be used to formulate the interest list later on.

4. Note that translating is difficult work due to the nature of the Japanese language, and that sometimes the resulting English will not be 100% gramatically correct.

5. Anyone can post, so let's make this a fun community. :)

Yahoo! Japan News
Google News
Yomiuri Shinbun 読売新聞
Mainichi Shinbun 毎日新聞

Search for it!

Japanese Dictionary:
Jeffrey's Japanese ⇔ English Dictionary Server
Jim Breen's JDict Server

Japanese Grammar:
jGram - The Japanese Grammar Database
Tae Kim's Japanese guide to Japanese Grammar

Webpage Translation:
Rikai-chan - Webpage Translator and Kanji lookup
Kanji -> Furigana Converter
Google's Translation Page (ugh...)

[Please feel free to suggest other links!]

Viewing Japanese characters through that thing we call a PC
One page:
This may also help: