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08 July 2008 @ 03:10 am
On the Kyoto-Nara line, trains are delayed 2 hours because of...lighting?  
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A bolt of lightning? JR Nara Train line comes to a hault

At around 8:10am on July 8th in Kizugawa City's Tanakura Trainstation, a part of Kyoto, all four train signal lights flashed red and refused to change. A single part of burned out machinery was discovered, and was reported to be the fault of a direct hit from lightning.

Both Tamamizu and Kizu train lines were suspended for 3 hours, while another 26 tracks suspended operations permanently for the day. Three tracks remained operational, suffering a 1 hour and 55 minute delay at the most. The entire incident affected around 3700 people. 

It's a good thing the signals didn't freeze on Green. I wonder if this is thanks to a safety measure by JR, or if they just got lucky. Then again, anything is possible when it comes to "a lightning bolt". Nice save, JR.